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Ghibli Park] Local information for those who enter in May and June [March-April ticket purchase]

Learn about March at Ghibli Park [Purchase Tickets in December] | folding umbrella Park-Info
Learn about March at Ghibli Park [Purchase Tickets in December] | folding umbrella

The second phase of Ghibli Park’s opening on March 16th is approaching, but when did you get your tickets?

It is sure to be neither hot nor cold in Japan after May.

In this series of reports on the weather in Nagakute City two months after the month of ticket purchase, this time it will be weather and traffic related information for May and June when you book your tickets in March and April.

This article will focus on the weather and accommodations at Ghibli Park from our perspective as residents of Aichi Prefecture, where Nagakute City is located.

Weather conditions in May and June at Ghibli Park [Buy tickets in March-April]

Video from “Let’s play in the wind. ~Aichi~ where Ghibli Park is located

May and June in Japan are the seasonal transition from spring to early summer, and many people in Japan wear short sleeves in June because the nights are a bit chilly.

The lowest average temperature for each month over the past five years has been about 15°C, and the highest temperature has been between 25°C and 29°C.

The weather data described below are averages for the past five years as well as the above.

Climate in May and June in Ghibli Park

The weather in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, where Ghibli Park is located, in May is like the end of spring. As for June, the weather in Nagakute, Aichi Prefecture, where Ghibli Park is located, is like the end of spring.

The first half of the month can be roughly classified as winter, and the second half of the month is more like spring, with beautiful plum and cherry blossom trees blooming in some places.

After the 10th day of March, the trees begin to turn green.

Although Nagakute City is not at a high altitude, it is still cool in shady places due to the fact that it is surrounded by forests.

Please keep in mind the possibility of rain or snowfall, as it may snow around the beginning of March.

Average temperature and rainfall in May and June in Nagakute City

The average temperature and the average number of days of rainfall in May and June in Nagakute City, where Ghibli Park is located, are shown below.

The minimum temperature is 15℃, which is neither hot nor cold, and can be said to be comfortable.

The recent trend is for higher temperatures during the major holidays in May, and cooler temperatures in the second half of the month and the first half of June.

Rainfall is about the average for the whole year, but it can be sudden and heavy in the early summer and fall in Japan these days.

Average temperature and rainfall in Nagakute City in May

Ticket sales month Ghibli Park admission month highest average temperature May lowest average temperature May Rainfall days
March May 23.2℃ 15.3℃ 9.3days

Average temperature and rainfall in Nagakute City in June

Ticket sales month Ghibli Park admission month highest average temperature June lowest average temperature June Rainfall days
April June 25.8℃ 22℃ 10.2days

Measures against rain = folding umbrella

Learn about March at Ghibli Park [Purchase Tickets in December] | folding umbrella

Learn about March at Ghibli Park [Purchase Tickets in December] | folding umbrella

As mentioned in the March and April information, we recommend that you also be prepared for rain.

June is the wettest month of the year in Japan, with an average of 10.2 days of rainfall over the past five years.

If you are concerned about the weather, consider purchasing a raincoat or a folding umbrella like the one shown in the illustration.

Normally small enough to fit in a bag, it can be transformed into a rain-shielding umbrella with just a few maneuvers.

Many businessmen and students in Japan carry them in their bags in case it rains on their way home.

These folding umbrellas can be purchased, for example, at convenience stores (Family Mart) and supermarkets, which are introduced on another page.

The price depends on the store, but ranges from 500 yen to 1,500 yen.

Food stores near Fujigaoka Station, the Terminal to Ghibli Park
Tickets, hotel, and plans for Ghibli Park are set, but what about meals on the day of the park? A little worried about lunch at Ghibli Park or dinner when you leave. If that's the case, you can stop and eat at Fujigaoka Station. This article introduces food-related stores in Fujigaoka with a map.

The flow of people in May and June in Japan and related trends

In Japan, the beginning of May is called “Golden Week,” a large consecutive holiday for schools and workplaces, and the flow of people during this period, especially from late April to early May, is crowded on both railroads, highways, and airplanes.

This is not necessarily true, but from the end of April to the 5th of May (i.e., the last day of Golden Week), you should be prepared for crowded traffic.

Since the ticket system has changed, it is unlikely that you will travel from outside Aichi Prefecture to visit Ghibli Park on the same day, but it is a good point to keep in mind if you plan to enter the park during this period.

Also, it is expected that free facilities such as Cat Return Castle will be charged during this Golden Week, so please check before you go.

Lodging Conditions in Ghibli Park in May and June

A simple way to describe the lodging situation in Japan is that it is very difficult to get a room until May 5, and from then until the end of June, it is low season.

During the Golden Week holidays, the Japanese move in en masse, and accommodations are usually full, but it is easy to get a hotel room at least until the end of June.

Hotel prices are also relatively low, so you will have more freedom in making travel plans.

In fact, May and June may be the best time to travel to Japan.

However, there is a slight shortage of hotels and inns in Japan. If you have some travel dates in mind, we recommend that you move a little early.

Traffic conditions in May and June in Aichi Prefecture, where Ghibli Park is located

For the same reason, traffic will be more congested than usual until early May. On the other hand, from then until the end of June, traffic is as usual.

For those who want to avoid congestion on highways and railroads, Japanese national holidays can be a problem, but from May 5 to the end of June, there are no holidays other than Saturdays and Sundays.

So you can plan your itinerary without taking Japanese national holidays into consideration.

Ghibli Park May and June People Movement and Public Transportation

As mentioned earlier, March and April in Japan mark the turn of the “fiscal year,” and organizations and schools often experience personnel transfers, enrollments, graduations, and related changes.

In terms of peripheral changes, there are often revisions and changes to public transportation fees, such as general railroads, expressways, buses, and subways, as well as to their timetables.

Although railroad timetables are rarely revised in Aichi Prefecture, the Japan Railway (JR) has a higher rate of timetable revisions than the Meitetsu (Nagoya Railway) and subway systems in the region.

This information is not directly related to access to Ghibli Park from the Nagoya Station area, but Meitetsu will be revising its fares in March 2024. Although it is unlikely that a timetable revision will be…

Neighborhood Events in May and June

Here are some events in May and June, spring in Japan.

May is the most pleasant season throughout the year. During the aforementioned Golden Week, tourist destinations all over Japan are crowded with people.

On the other hand, during this period, there may be a little less events in Nagoya and other areas….

Although interest is limited, we would like to introduce an event at the Toyota Motor Museum, which is located near Ghibli Park.

Rare Collection Vehicles on Display at the Toyota Museum

In addition to the 140 vehicles on permanent display in the Automobile Museum, the Toyota Museum has a collection of over 400 historically valuable vehicles.

This limited time-only exhibition, entitled “Collection Exhibition,” will display 13 rare vehicles from the 400 vehicles in the museum’s collection that cannot be exhibited in the permanent collection.

The exhibition will be divided into five themes: the popular cars that drove around on the roads of Japan and Europe 60 years ago, the legendary sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s, the commuter buses that helped transport athletes to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, and cars that were Japanese cars but were never introduced to Japan for use exclusively in overseas markets. The exhibition will be divided into five themes.

There will be cars that are very popular each time they are exhibited, as well as rare cars that are quite rare to see.

Visitors will be able to see a variety of cars from different eras and places where they were active.

Toyota Automobile Museum’s “Okuradashi-Ten” (Storehouse Exhibition)  | What's On | Toyota Automobile Museum
This is a page ofToyota Automobile Museum’s “Okuradashi-Ten” (Storehouse Exhibition)

In this article, we have reported on the weather in May and June, including the impact on lodging and public transportation.

If you are willing to travel a little farther, there are events and recommended spots in Aichi Prefecture, such as the Mikawa region, Gifu Prefecture, and Mie Prefecture…

I guess I’ll have to consult with my resources to see if I can expand it that far. Thank you for reading to the end.




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