ghibli park entrance gate[Ghibli Park Phase II Opening] Entrance to Valley of Witches Almost Complete? Photographed from the outsideGhibli Park Tower mid 2023Ghibli's GrandWarehouse1Ghibli's GrandWarehouse2Linimo Train & Railway Station in front of Ghibli Park
                       Source of Images : Studio Ghibli *under permission

Contact & Inquiry

For inquiries about Ghibli Park, please call the number below.
+81 50 3626 2455 (during Ghibli Park opening hours in Japan time)
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International calls only. For those in Japan, call 0570-089-154.
Available in English, Mandarin Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese.
Call charges are based on the length of the call and billed to the caller.

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